About us


Bromley By Bow Community Organisation (BBBCO)was officially formed in 2004, however, we are a group of senior local individuals who have been involved with organising various activities for the local youths on a voluntary basis since 1990.  The main objective of the organisation is to empower the local residents of Coventry Cross, one of the most deprived wards in Tower Hamlets, and its surrounding areas to improve their socio-economic and cultural well-being and be able to sustain a good quality of life.

We hope to realise this by developing and delivering various programmes and services which will be inclusive and will encourage the full participation of all the local residents.

BBBCO uses sports & other creative activities as a tool to divert younger members of the community from drugs, violence, anti social behaviour and territorial dispute which has been alarmingly on the increase.

We also increase participation by developing various programmes which including as many people as possible regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities to help develop various interpersonal skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, team work and also encourage individuals to express themselves in a positive way and realise their dreams.

We aim to bridge community barriers and address other delicate issues relating to health by educating the local residents in the importance of exercise, healthy diet and the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse.

To date, we have been extremely successful in achieving our aims and objectives. One of the many ongoing activities we have been running successfully is our football programme. We have established 3 teams with a combination of up to 70 participants aged between 10 – 40 years old attending week on a weekly basis.

BBBCO strongly feel that we can continue to promote our aims and objectives as well as make a positive contribution to the lives of all local residents through teamwork and the support of the our volunteer.

Girls Only Groups

Through our recent outreach work, we have identified various needs which we feel that it needs to be addressed within the community.

Although most projects are primarily aimed at young males, it has become obvious that whilst this remains a priority there is a need to address issues surrounding the needs of young female members of the community who at present have no secure facilities to participate in activities.

BBBCO aims to engage with young females from the local community with fun activities by providing them with facilities which is in a safe and secure environment, fun, and educational.

Although the sessions are primarily aimed at females who are 11 – 19, all female members of the community are welcome.

The sessions are for women only and it is also run by our young female local volunteers.

We aim to encourage and support them by improving interpersonal skills and encouraging them to apply themselves at academically.

The sessions are held once a week and will include various programmes such as:

  • drama classes
  • cookery
  • sports
  • arts
  • photography
  • educational day trips
  • GCSE / SATS revision
  • homework support

Elderly Luncheon Club

Our aim is to enable local Elder residents living in Coventry Cross Estate – (Poplar Harca) to improve the quality of their lives by engaging in community regeneration activities.

We know that there is a need for more interaction between young people and older people in the area to bridge this age gap and develop intergenerational activities.

This weekly session will help young and old people to appreciate each other in a society where young people have increasingly been associated with anti-social behaviour and no respect for the older generation.

We also want to support older people’s initiatives to help themselves get out of isolation from their homes, the loneliness of having no one to interact with, express themselves and do anything physically and mentally entertaining.

Life in an urban estate especially in one of Tower Hamlets’ most deprived wards can be very depressing especially for the frail and the elderly.

There are very few opportunities for them to leave their homes where they feel safe and socialise with others.

Green open spaces are very scarce and if there were, they are often inaccessible, and have very poor facilities.

Our session is based at Marner Centre which is within walking distance from where most of the older people live hence making it accessible for all including those on wheel chairs.

We have initiated a health and well-being programme with older people aged 60 plus. It has been very popular and to date, the number of older people coming to the project has reached 30 on average per week.

The project consists of a weekly gathering at the centre that lasts for three hours each.
They do the following:

  • informal chats
  • healthy lunch
  • light stretching exercises
  • sitting exercises
  • short distance walking
  • singing and dancing
  • watching film documentaries
  • short mat bowling
  • board games

They are planning to go on a seaside trip this summer. The project has been of great benefit to isolated older people in an housing estate where there was no provisions for them before.

It has helped them spend some quality fun time with fellow older people and also get a chance to interact with other younger people who have bonded with their elder counterparts. We also refer users to the Bromley By Bow Health Centre (BBBC).

Bromley By Bow FC

Bromley By Bow FC was formed in 1989 and was originally a 7 A-side team that consisted of young players within the Bromley By Bow area.

As one of the youngest team in the footballing circuit within the East London community, Bromley By Bow FC entered every competition that was advertised including events for open age groups.

The Team quickly established a reputation for being one of the best teams in East London by winning the majority of tournaments that the team participated in. As the team matured, it was decided that the best way to progress and move forward as well as increasing participation and address issues such as drugs, violence and anti social behaviour would be to establish an 11 A-side team.

Under the management of Mr Parves, Bromley By Bow FC entered a local Asian summer league first division in 1999 that was organized by B.F.A (Bangladeshi Football Association). Bromley By Bow FC Successfully won that division in its first year and became the first team ever to have remained unbeaten throughout the season.

During the annual awards of season 1999/2000, Bromley By Bow FC were nominated in 5 Categories which included *Best New Team, *Best Team, *Best Young Player, *Top Scorer, *Best Manager and won the Best Team, Best Manager and the Top Scorer awards. The team also joined another Asian winter league division 2 and has successfully been promoted to the premiere division. Bromley By Bow FC currently participate successfully in the premiere division of the B.F.A summer league as well as the premiere division of the Inner London Football League (ILFL).

The main objective of this team is to use football as a tool to divert younger members of the community from drugs, violence and other anti social behavior, which has been alarmingly on the increase.

We also want to increase participation and include as many young people as possible to help develop various skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, team work and encourage individuals to express themselves in a positive way.

Our aim is to also address other issues relating to health by educating the youth in the importance of exercise, healthy diet and the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse.

It is due to the support of the local residents, parents as well as the enthusiasm of the local volunteers that we have formed Bromley By Bow FC with various senior members taking responsibilities on a voluntary basis.

Due to the natural talents of members within the Bromley By Bow Squad that various players were scouted to play for Sporting Bengal who are the first Asian team to have been accepted in the National Intermediate League which is affiliated by the Football Association and were also subject to a documentary on the B.B.C about the rising talents within the Asian community and the inclusion of Asian players in the mainstream league.

The team is always open to receiving any kind of help whether it is professional advise, coaching, financial and even transportation.

Bromley By Bow FC is committed, professional, focused, well organized and the weekly Sunday football games give the young members something to look forward to. We have been successful in promoting all the values we believe in and would like to continue with the hard work that has been done in the past.