BBBCO Summer Sports - Ages 6-11

Location: Marner School Pitch (Biscott House Entrance) - E3 3LL

(12 Days of Activity )

HAF Code Required from LBTH Letter sent to households - Priority will be given to those that have this.

Dates :
Monday 24th July, Tuesday 25th July, Wednesday 26th July,
Monday 31st July, Tuesday 1st August, Wednesday 2nd August
Monday 7th August, Tuesday 8th August, Wednesday 9th August
Monday 14th August, Tuesday 15th August, Wednesday 16th August

Time: 10am - 2pm

Please ENSURE your child brings a water bottle. Also, in the event of bad weather conditions we will use Marner Centre.

The primary focus of the programme will be engaging and supporting children/young people eligible for Statutory Free School Meals. 

Contact: Shakil - 07908 474647 or

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Summer Sports Registration