Star Profiles: Mamun & Kash

Name: Mamunur Chowdhury- Age: 23 – Position: Midfielder/Striker –

Born into the famous Chowdhury family, Mamunur known as ‘Meaty’ to his friends grew a fiery reputation on and off the pitch for his fierce tackling and his ability to sniff out danger on the field. After a long lay off from football (due to tonsillitis) Meaty returned to the big stage to stamp his authority as the most combative tackler ever to have graced the Bangla League. Meaty originally started his illustrious career as Central midfielder but was later demoted to central defence due to his lack of robustness on the pitch, also making an appearance in goal last season – could he be the next Neville Southall? (He seems to have the belly…i mean appetite for it!). The legendary centreback has been battling with his fitness in typical ‘Gazz-Esque’ fashion. His interests include partying until the early hours of the morning with his animal associate Mr Sol ‘Log’ Miah. They have graced the front pages of The Nation, reportedly being photographed stumbling out of many strange places – although most of Mamunur’s stumbles can be seen on the pitch.

Meaty’s hobbies include having a kickabout with his childhood friends Garfield, Nabil and Thomas. Famous quotes include ‘hmmmm hmmm hmmmm’, ‘launch it’ and ‘back door, back door’ (a phrase made famous by the legend that is Gary MacBeth). He also enjoys quiet nights in front of the T.V. and has a pallette for extravagant delicacy’s – including breakfasts consisting of 5 eggs, 6 slices of bread with boiled broccoli. Mmmmmmmm…bisto!

Name: Kashim Ali- Age: 23 – Position: Midfielder/Striker –

Born in 1984, he was quickly initiated in to the Newmill House Benders (other members include Soil ‘Chairman’ Miah and Ruhel ‘Raffalli’ Alam). After years out in the wilderness, Kashim decided to embrace his natural talents and join Bromley B. Well known for his first touch goals after coming on as a sub Kashim proved himself to be a good squad player for the first couple of seasons. However, he wanted more and after half a season on the fringes he proved himself with his performances and established himself in the 1st team. Kashim attributes include his trickery with the ball & tackles, he is comfortable with the ball at his feet and is dangerous going forward. He can easily play as a striker but his talents are best suited to midfield, sometimes at left back but mainly at centre half.

His interests include spending lovely summers afternoon in Victoria Park strolling along with his pram, late night rendevouz with Slim & Co. and an unusual hobby for collecting speedos (rumour has it he has bid for Micheal Phelps 8 Gold Medal winning Speedo’s). He also enjoy’s the highest physical contact sport that is stamina buliding and mentally challenging, this includes Netball and Thumb-Ball.

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