Shore-ditched – Match Report….

Bromley Junior’ s continued on their march for promotion in Division 2 after sweeping away a poor Shoreditch side 3-0.  Bromley started off strong after a few absentees had returned to cement their place in the 1st team. Sheikh P Dot man returned back to his defensive duties after a brief honeymoon away from the pitch alongside new signing Anthony deputising for Prince still nursing his ankle injury after his exhibition summersaults last week (He thought he scored only to be flagged off side by the Lino A.J who turned out to be a long lost relative)  

Bromley applied pressure from early on and having missed 4 sitters in the first 5 minutes, it wasn’t long until the ball was in the back of the net, stand in skipper Mukhter headed in the 1st goal from a pinpoint throw from Kwesi Delap and they didn’t look back from then.  

Managers prep talk included him asking winger Kashim to be more stronger and aggressive than his usual lightweight self and this prompted Kash to duly flex his muscles and boss his direct opponent who was twice the size by winning aeriel challenges and 50/50 tackles. The Shoreditch player was so surprised by the show of strength that he actually subbed himself off.  

Debutant Anthony scored the second and his strike partner Pedro wrapped things up shortly after the break. This was Bromley’s 3rd win on the trot having no goals conceded so far. 

The match ended in controversial circumstances as tempers started to flare up once the final whistle had blown. Bromley held there temparement and managed to dodge the handbags which were thrown towards there direction. Skipper Meaty who watched the game from the sideline commented ‘ I was proud of the boys, we managed to grind out another hard fought result, the performance almost brought a tear to my eye because I am worried if I will be able to get back in the team’ 

Bromley  by Bow FC  1-2  Shadwell FC  – Premier Division


Bromley FC lost to the “Crazy Gang”, Shadwell FC putting them in the mix for relagation and along with a chance of losing out on an automatic selection for the Sonali Cup. From the tumbleweed game against Stepney the week before it was the thorns of Shadwell that grazed the players as they came back into the game after going a goal behind but only to concede again before the end.

 Sidekick & Brother to Manager Shof’….Akbor Islam commented “It’s another case of “if only”. If only we had started the first half like we did the second. Shadwell have some cracking players, it has to be said, but they shouldn’t be a match for us really, if we’re being honest. Bad attitude yet again from our boys lets the club down. Its becoming a routine for us. Can the manager no longer motivate his team to start quickly? The answer seems to be categorically no. For whatever reason, his players aren’t responding to what they are told in the dressing room. I’m assuming of course that they are told to start fast, and stamp their authority down from the beginning. I can’t imagine Shof telling them to be lazy and careless for the first half hour, then start to play from that point on. Who knows? maybe he does.

There are a lot of negatives to take away from this game as well in my opinion, apart from the result. Bahar had a chance to impress, and failed miserably, the team was as poor as I have ever seen, giving the ball away on countless occasions, and looking lost.”

 BOW FC 4-0 Poplar Community FC – Division 3

BOW FC continue there fantastic start by beating Poplar Community FC 4-0. They top the table with maximum points and a massive goal difference. They play Newark C next week @ 13.20.

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