Bangladesh Tour 2011/12 – Bromley By Bow FC

The Bromley By Bow FC Bangladesh squad has been selected and with months of preparation, the anticipation and waiting is now over. Dhaka and Sylhet will be the destinations for our players where the welcome will be warm but the competition intense. Playing competitive football, taking in the culture and exchanging ideas of different practices will make this tour a great experience for both the travelling and hosting parties.  

An overseas football tour is the sporting pinnacle of any amateur player’s ambition. Bromley By Bow FC are proud to be able to organise such a trip and give opportunities to turn such dreams into reality for our players. We have been able to put together a squad of home grown, local talent who have been a part of our club from a very young age and they will all not only be eager to win, but also keen to entertain and be delighted to act as ambassadors of the football game in Bangladesh.

Bromley By Bow FC will visit Bangladesh for the first time in its history having previously embarked on successful tours to the USA and Gothenburg over the past year or so. We are proud to take the clubs unique brand of football to Bangladesh, a country where majority of our players originate from. Football is fast becoming one of the most popular sports in the country and we are proud to be able to play our part in raising the awareness of the beautiful game. We know the quality of the players and the standard of football will be very good and realise that our hosts will be eager to put out strong sides to really test Bromley By Bow FC. The first game of our tour will be played in the beautiful capital city of Bangladesh Dhaka. There will await a specially selected eleven who will give as a true test of our football potential and prepare us for the remaining 4 games to be played in the colourful city of Sylhet.

We hope that our team are competitive and successful in winning the games. More importantly our entire party of players, officials and supporters are committed to learning and enjoying from the whole experience by giving a good account of ourselves both on and off the field.

Bangladesh provides the dramatic backdrop for our 2011 tour and concludes one of the most successful years for the club in which we have won a record number of trophies and titles. We are sure that this trip will be an experience of a life time for all our players and managements. It is our hope that this trip will provide each member of the touring party and our host with lasting memories of hard fought football and most importantly, friendship with the people of a country where majority of our players originate from. 

On behalf of the members club, it is appropriate that I should close by taking the opportunity to thank the players, management, sponsors and other organisers of this tour for turning a dream of such a trip into reality. 

Aims + Objectives of this Tour

We know that football is a universal sport and apart from the competitive side of the game, it is one sport that does so many unique things socially which goes beyond just being a sport.  Despite possibly needing a bit more awareness of the game, the sport is arguably one of the most popular games in the country. It brings together people of all different backgrounds and improves the relationships within communities and also improves people individually. Amongst the social benefits of the sport, it is a sport that involves teamwork, personal responsibility, communication, leadership, integrity and is also a tool to divert people from negative activities which include drugs, gang violence and other anti social behaviour. It also promotes better healthy and active lifestyles and improves peoples well being physically and mentally. 

As a voluntary organisation that works with adults and young people, we have seen the positive impact the sport has had on our local community first hand. This trip will help further in achieving our aims and objectives.


For Bromley By Bow Community Organisation (BBBCO) to organise a project which involves taking an entire football team to Bangladesh, it requires the whole hearted commitment and support of many individuals and organisations. Without their support and commitment, this project would not have been possible. The Management and everyone from within BBBCO would like to thank everyone who helped make this project materialise. Your contribution both individually and financially has helped make this trip possible. Collectively, we hope that it has benefited everyone involved.  

Saturday 24-12-2011 – Depart from LHR                                                             

Sunday 25-12-2011 – Arrive Dhaka (Rest) – Hotel Dhaka                                                                     

Monday 26-12-2011 – 1st Game (Naringonj Dhaka) – Hotel Dhaka                                                                       

Tuesday 27-12-2011 – Free/Tour Dhaka – Hotel Dhaka                                                                    

Wednesday 28-12-2011 – Depart Dhaka 10am – Hotel Dhaka                                                                    

Thursday 29-12-2011 – 2nd Game (Shiiramishi) – Hotel Sylhet                                                                 

Friday 30-12-2011 – 3rd Game (Zawwa-Alompur) – Hotel Sylhet                                                                    

Saturday 31-12-2011 – Free/Tour Sylhet – Hotel Sylhet                                                                       

Sunday 01-01-2012 – 4th Game (Dakha Dohkin)- Hotel Sylhet                                                                    

Monday 02-01-2012 – Trip to Jafflong – Hotel Sylhet                                                                      

Tuesday 03-01-2012 – 5th Game (Banigram F.C) – Hotel Sylhet                                                                       

Wednesday 04-01-2012 – Free                                                                                                                                         

Thursday 05-01-2012 – Free                                                                                    

Friday 06-01-2012 – Free                                                                             

Saturday 07-01-2012 – Depart from Dhaka

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