ILFL Cup Final 2011: Defeat for Bromley By Bow FC…

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Bromley By Bow FC lose in disappointing style as they end the season as double runners up. First they threw away the League and now the Final which saw Poplar FC put on a very impressive display of skill and tekkers. The Bromley Fans were out in the 100’s as Mile End Stadium was at full capacity, never has there been a full crowd at Mile End Stadium apart from the school outings and games lessons that the locals book during the weekdays.

The fans showed more skill than the players on the pitch, the technique, manner, fashion & connaissance as they spat into their Vuvuzela’s and made noises like a dieing elephant, it  was remarkable. The chants made the headlines for the fans as Poplar had no chance in competing with the banter. The highlight of the day was when a supporter tripped whilst taking a toilet break and the fans chanted “You Fell Overrrr, You Fell Overrr !!”, bet he was in no rush in getting back.

Questions were raised at the line up of the Bromley By Bow FC, but again you cannot take away the performance from Poplar as they dominated the first half and took their chances in the second. A mix of defensive and midfield errors led to a 3-1 loss. The fresh haircuts from the Bromley players didn’t do justice as they couldn’t hide their faces in shame as many tried to string a few pieces of grass from the pitch to camouflage. Bromley made some good passes in the second half but it was the hesitance of a back pass that left the Poplar team to make their presence felt.

Bromley’s only goal was the penalty that they converted in the first half to make it 1-1. The lack of hunger from the players made them second to every ball even the trademark chant..”I’m Bromley Till I Die, I’m Bromley Till I die…I know I am, I’m sure I am..I’m Bromley Till I die..” couldn’t resurrect the players. As the final whistle blew the lights in Mile End stadium went out and took the sting out of the winning performance of Poplar and their fans, no one saw the celebration in the dark as the 100’s of fans left for the exit..Was this planned? Or did Bromley fans flick the switch? The question remains unanswered and is under investigation as it caused a Health & Safety issue. Also another conspiracy emerged is the jinx caused by the misspelling of Bromly By Bow on the players T-Shirts..the man behind the printing denies all allegations but his invoice will remain unpaid.

Can BBBCO also take this opportunity to thank all the supporters and fans that turned up yesterday and for their support throughout the season. Thanks to all the Volunteers, Managers & Players for their commitment and extreme efforts during the Winter League and for making it one of the successful projects for Bromley By Bow Community Organisation without them we would not be where we are today.


Bromley By Bow FC are looking to end the season on a high as they have reached the ILFL Cup Final 2011. It has been fanstastic season for Bromley FC as they just missed out on the ILFL League Title, only to claim the Runner’s Up, but with the ILFL Cup in sight they are looking to take the Poplar boys on. This game will have TV Coverage by local channels and also press coverage. More Info visit

Final: Monday April 4th 2011 @ Mile End Stadium, 6pm

Come Down and Make Some Noise for the Bromley By Bow Football Club !!  


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