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It’s the stuff dreams are made of for the millions of people managing fantasy football teams in online leagues around the world every year. But in most players’ experience, for one reason or another, the glory of victory always remains just out of reach. It’s hardly surprising, given that this year alone 1.9 million fiercely competitive fans played the game billed as “the ultimate Fantasy Football.”

So, then, what separates the players who get to the top from all the rest? Is it instinct, or, maybe knowledge, or is it simply old-fashioned good luck?

Ansar Miah won the Fantasy Premier League this year beating the rest would-be managers in the BBBCO Metro Fantasy League 10/11

It was the fourth year he had played the game and he says he was surprised to remain so competitive through the season.

“Really only in the last couple of years I have been in the top 10 or so. I was nowhere near the leaders before that.”

Ansar felt striking a balance between superstars and cheaper players was crucial to his fantasy football success — as was a bit of luck.

“Having a well balanced side with not too many superstars is important. I think you need to pick three or four players who you feel are undervalued and take a chance on them, I think it happened after I started watching a few more games on television. I got to see first-hand who was playing, what form they were in and I learned a lot from there. Having a good knowledge of all the players across all of the teams is really important.”

Checking teams for injuries and selections close to the deadline was also important, he said.

It was Abul Kashim that kept the lead for most of the season and during the last 6-7 weeks Ansar managed to hold on for the rest of the season. “I came out of nowhere really. There was one week where I just logged on to check my team and I found myself in front. It was incredible.”

Also well done to the efforts from Sol Miah who achieved a credible 10th Place with the lack of football knowledge. Last years winner Parvez Hussain came in 3rd with his Brother in 6th place. Footballer Mukthar came 2nd last as his football tactics is not a strong point. And non-baller Jakir Hussain came in 8th as he holds the Loser sign at Suleman Hussain who gave it his best at No. 10 position.

Thanks to everyone that participated, Ansar Miah will get his name on the Shield along with Amin, Khalid and Parvez. He also recieves a Cheque for an undisclosed amount (…£50 Luncheon Voucher) 


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