Bromley ACE Secures fine win… – Match Reports

Bromley’s ACE secures fine win…
The game started nervously. It was a slow, patient first few minutes, with Bromley By Bow FC dominating possession of the ball and ACE reasonably content to sit back and let them play, Manager Shof’ instructed Bromley to be on the ball and attack on all flanks.
Each side had what the other lacked. Bromley’s movement from the midfield players Dipon & Kelvin was excellent – the manager had clearly worked on some set patterns in the build-up to the match. Their classic movement on the right created space for Shahin to move forward into, and he provided the cross for various chances before half time. But it was from a corner that holding midfielder and Player of the Season Olie scored from just outside the box with a low drive, celebrating his birthday this weekend it was what he had wished for as he celebrated in controversial fashion with a handcuff gesture, one can only imply this was to signify the end of his goal drought and frustration.
The First half ended 1-0 to Bromley and that remained the scoreline until the final whistle as Bromley held on and as ACE did not trouble the composed Bromley Team. Also having a good game was Subhan & Imrul along with Italian Maestro Abdul who recently returned from injury.
Ex-Choreographer for Diversity & Queue Specialist at Yasin’s Haircutters, Akbor Islam commented “The effect of ACE’s highish line was that the gap between Bromley’s blend in midfielders and attacks was small, and it was easy for the two ‘bands’ to combine off the ball. ACE lacked good quality passing from the centre of the pitch to exploit the runners, however for Bromley, it was the opposite story – Kelvin played well and hit some nice passes into wide positions, but Bromley frequently miscontrolled and wasted opportunities to get crosses in. One values creativity and technique, seeking to control the outcome of the game through faith in their own ability. The other looks to disrupt their opponent and rely on physicality and set pieces to create a goal threat, ACE were the latter.”
Technical Director, Muhith Miah also added, “I am pleased with the result but yet again we do not kill of games as we should do. My instructions  were clear to go with 4-3-3 the midfield being held by the maestro OLI with Dipon and Kelvin sitting ahead of him to orchestrate and dictate the attacking game, but this was not acted upon & who i’m I to make that call.

“I recall Triesman making a quote “A man of ethics, character and courage is needed in the game” and I think I can provide that to bring the balance of power and wealth in the BFA Premier League and then the team needed a lift and who better to do that as SHAHIN quoted “ keep it going, the SCORE will come “

Final Score: Bromley 1-0 ACE FC

Juniors mark a win Medway through the season.. 
Juniors move back into gear after their draw last week. It wasn’t long until they started to settle down into the game on the water logged pitch when Micheal Capilo converted a penalty kick that was handled by FC Medway on the goal line. The midfield held most of the possession finely orchestrated by Captain Mamun Meaty Chow’ while Mukus Lieva…I mean Mukthar Ali won a few set pieces from his simulated dives that saw Mamunur Jnr miss a few chances that went astray.

A comfortable first half always means an uncomfortable start to the second as Bromley were caught on the back foot a few times but it wasn’t long until changes to the team were made to reinforce the attacking options as Pedro came on. It was foul on Mukus that made way for the second as he took free kick to slot it in goal from 28.5 Yards as it was all in the bounce as it went through the keeper ‘s legs as it had the spin, curl and dip applied.

FC Medway threw everything they had in the last 15 minutes as they managed to get one back from a set piece that  went in off the post, but it wasn’t enough to take the 3 points away from Bromley Juniors as Kewsi and Hit-Man Kohinoor came on to see the game off. It was return Debut for Kohinoor from the Bromley By Bow FC team as the gaffer finalised a last minute transfer unlike the on-going saga that Liverpool’s David Ngog face’s, just to clarify there’s no like for like comparison being made here.

As the squad grow’s Manager of the Month, Naz Retweeted via the Club’s twitter account “We are a TEAM, it’s not about individuals or the 11 men that play, its about the ENTIRE squad. I have a solid squad of 17 players and no ONE is guaranteed to start, finish or even come on every week no matter what the result or how you perform. I will always listen but I make the final decision and if you think otherwise then it’s better that you’re not part of the squad as the Squad Harmony is a high at the moment”   

Ford Focus ST170 Replica Owner &  Ex-B&H Gratis Collector, Soil Miah commented  ”The game is about communication, having respect for your team mates and the other club. It was beautiful to see, if it wasn’t for the rain I would of shed a tear. I stayed up all night to come and see this game. As a Ford focus owner, you don’t just stop driving if its raining so the Juniors will have to learn to play best in all weathers. Just like Pirelli tyres they perform no matter the condition of the surface. The weather did not stop the Formula 1 today and the weather surely did not stop Bromley Juniors”

Final Score: Bromley Juniors 2-1 FC Medway


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