Sonali Cup 2011 – Bromley’s SOUL Destroying Performance

Cup Exit for Juniors as they see Red…

The Sonali Cup 2011 was played this week with lower division teams trying to make a mark against clubs in higher divisions. Cup competitions of course are meant to enjoy a few upsets, with lower division teams beating their supposed betters. Players were excited there was an air of optimism….an air of indifference about this cup, a calm produced by the gratification of every passionate player, one could sense beneath them that special brutality which comes from the habit of breaking down teams in the league games and half-hearted resistances that keep’s one fit and leads them to pursuit there dream of winning every game this season. This was obviously not the case, the players turned up 20 minutes before the game and without much organisation they stumbled on the pitch with the Manager shouting his instructions to the players.

This showed in the first half performance as 10 minutes into the game West End scored from a cross that was slotted into the corner, there was a delayed reaction by the keeper as the unmarked man scored the goal, the keeper made his move later on to pick up the ball from the back of the net as the defenders were left rooted. The defensive was shaky as the midfield failed to gain possession in the middle.

The game went on as the Juniors almost immediately equalised with striker Mamun missin a easy header into an open goal. His excuse at half time was ‘’I am sorry, I closed my eyes’’. The Juniors then conceded another goal from a free kick just outside the box from a controversial handball. Their free kick went straight into the back of the net as it glided pass the static wall. If things couldn’t get worse Prince was sent off after 20 minutes for making hand gestures at the lineman’s for a controversial offside decision that had a goal disallowed, he protested his innocence as he insisted he was signalling for the water bottle. The juniors continues to create chances but just could not put them away. The second half saw a strong Juniors performance with 10 men as Bromley squabbled a few chances. The game ended with West End slotting in another through a defensive mix up.

Ex-London Underground Vending Machine Hustler & Sausage fingered Carom Board Champion, Soil Miah commented “We were too slow off the block and did not start very well. Once everyone woke up, we played a good game but by then we were already 2 -0 down and missed a hatful of chances. Although we did raise our game in the second half and missed a few more chances, it was too little too late especially after the sending off. A Bad start to the game cost us in the first half. I know why we did not start well. Players not turning up with enough time to prepare for the game. If the juniors want to get promoted and play at this level next season, they need to learn from these things and fix things for our league match. West End merely played better than us, they were well organised but we did play some good football. We lost it in the first 20 minutes and after the red card it was always going to be a big ask of the lads. Their third goal was a bit of a slap but when you commit to getting back into the game, these things happen when you are chasing it. On a more positive note, Amir Uddin fanatic and Vice captain Mukhtar proved his versatile quality by comfortably slotting into the centre of midfield and doing a great job.

The squad was pretty much depleted with the championship chasing teams showing the strains of an undefeated hard fought season so far. After the impressive debut last week, Kohinoor needed a holiday taking Kash abroad with him while Bromley missed Kwesi delaps presence in the middle and his long throws. Michael Cepillos absence was another blow due to fathers day commitment while captain Meaty needed a rest after pulling his groin and abdomen. With such a big and strong squad, the Gaffa also a Part-time Pukka Pies Supplier only had Anthony Dijon on the bench to call on.  Final Score: Bromley Juniors 1- 3 West End FC


Bromley’s SOUL Destroying Performance..

Bromley By Bow FC beat Soul Youth 1-0 in the first round of the Sonali Cup to reach the 2nd round. It was Dipon who scored his first competitive goal since a practice match in Training at Landgon Park. It was a tap in that sent the Bromley players searching for an array of goals but chance after chance went begging. There was no real threat from the Division 3 team whose main marksman was Ex-Bromley Juniors Player, Shipon Miah but the pies seem to have taken a toll on his current shape and form and there was evidence of crumbs after half time.

The highlight of the game was a 35 yard strike but none other than Olie who rattled the crossbar. The game ended 1-0 as Bromley face West Ham FC in the Second Round.

Ex-Tandoori Chef from Kanta Takeaway & Lebara Calling Card Distributor, Akbor commented “At the end of the day our win should have been with more goals, because we created a lot of chances and our strikers did not connect they should have buried the game. Alot of strikers are suffering goal droughts as we have seen on TV, players all around the country, every time I turned on the TV last season it gives you an update that Fernando Torres hasn’t scored. Sometimes it is difficult to understand some technical mistakes. I don’t like it when players don’t think in the field. They must think and not only just run” . Final Score: Bromley by Bow FC 1-0 Soul Youth

Bromley Beef up West HAM S.C…

The second round game against West Ham SC was a more composed and organised game of football. Bromley scored early with Fabio beating the keeper to poke the ball into the net. The cup games always leaves the bookmakers better off than the customers as an equaliser was on the cards as West Ham scored from a corner as the ball floated into the goal with the keeper Amin left flapping his arms in the air…was this the resurgence of the Mighty Ducks ?

West Ham held on until the break and it was only towards the end of the second half Fabio scored 2 goals to give him a hattrick performance. The West Ham Keeper saved many strikes but it wasn’t enough for them to go through to the Quarter Finals next week.

Ex-Mach 3 Client and Tower Hamlets College Romeo, Muhith Miah Commented “It was a close shave…after an edgy win in the first round against young boys of Soul FC our boys had a resurgence of their true quality and beautiful passing game came back alive against West Ham in the 2nd round. We started off brightly with Sid and William looking lively as usual and then the break through came with Fabio notching in the opener. Yet again we got complacent and we conceded a sloppy goal. After that as usual we were creating chance after chance yet our finishing was diabolical. Half time couldn’t have come any quicker, the gaffer was having words and he was very disappointed and he demanded more goals and more possession football.”

 Also the Ex-Mithun body double & “Sappoose Monikhorilow” Sayer added “The second half started brightly and immediately we were just piling on pressure the first 10 minutes was played in the final third of West Hams half. Finally a bit of Brazilian trickery from Fabio left defenders all over the gaff as he shot outside the box to give us the lead. After that it was a matter of how many we go on to score, Olie the midfield maestro current BFA Player of the year had couple of sitters missed also our club captain Mini aka Imran made a surging run into the box only to be denied by the opposition keeper. Then came the moment where from a corner Fabio smashed in his hat-trick the first of many to come. After that as usual we couldn’t kill off our chances and the game ended with a win. Now we look forward to next week when we entertain ACE FC. The whole weekend was marred with the disgusting fight between two rivals Mohammaden and Shadwell…will the BFA take action? Or will this be an I fell over and hurt myself incident, other than that it was a pleasant start to the tournament.”

Final Score: Bromley By Bow FC 3-1 West Ham FC

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