Bromleys Game End’s in Mela…

The 3rd Week of the BFA Summer League was underway coinciding with the Boishakhi Mela but this did not deter fans from the final fixture showdown against old foes’s Stepney FC. 

Bromley by Bow FC kicked off in great spirit and with glowing hope as there Juniors team fought back from a 3-0 deficit to nick a point in injury time in the Championship Division against West End FC earlier that day. Bromley saw good possession in the first 15 minutes with Imran and Shahin both providing support on the wings without Imrul and Justin looking suspect at the back. William & Lee were working on the same medium as they provided great balls to the forwards Bahar and Fabio. A great cross from Lee was missed by Bahar as he literally nodded off. The shots on goal was poor and rare as the “Drifter” Chocolate bar in the local corner shops. #GoalDrought

As misfortunes are told it was Stepney who scored the first goal from their first attacking set piece as it was drifted into the box and across the goal for Zola to tap in. His hand raising celebrations mimicked the great Alan Shearer while the Bromley’s defence was short of a much needed hand-raising too.

It wasn’t long before half time that a Bromley corner saw Olie flick in a goal to level the score and bring the game a much needed purpose in the 2nd half. Only a pocket full of chances for both teams as the defence kept out any threat from Stepney to take the lead while Bromley could not work the Stepney defence for a clear cut chance at goal for themselves. Sid was on in the 2nd half as the Manager substituted Justin from defence as Shof ensued on a passage of play fit for the occasion. The substitute was seen to slyly glimmer the great tactician Rafa in his prime while Sid continually induced uncertainty in the opposing back line with William dazzling the lens of the NTV Camera Crew. #FinalWhistle

Shahin had a great game after filling in for an absent Sadik who will need to fight for his place as Shahin showed shades of one Celestine Babayaro as he hauled himself in an abundant fashion throughout the game. The game had a lacklustre end to it similar to the indents of the “The Footballers is The Secret” BFA Summary Reports.  Final Score 1-1.

Satsuma Lover & Olympian, Mukther “Komla” Ali tweeted @bbbfc “For there is no good tree which produces bad fruit and by general consent Bromley played a good pass and move game but they did not work Stepney’s defence and killed the occasion as a contest. The interval proved to be no more than a brief flickering moment as the players lacked the stature to turn the game on its head.” #ScoreDraw #BarlettParkMela #YourDaysAreNumbered

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