Bromley come-back to Drub Beaumont FC…

Week 6 of the BFA Summer League and the results has so far been up and down just as the BFA website.

Bromley by Bow FC’s game clicked into action with Beaumont Athletic FC who has yet to win the BFA Summer League but have come out in force this year with a great footballing squad and the cash to splash. Within minutes Bromley concede a free kick outside the box that was taken quickly and slid across the goal for a tap in for Beaumont to take the lead. Bromley failed to track the movement of Beaumont at first as they showed moments of flair and close control that shadowed the likes of one Georgi Kinkladze. Bromley started to encapsulate the same tempo with Oli, Lee & and Steve emulating there trademark interchanges.

It wasn’t long until Bahar had a sniff at goal and looked as bright as a button before he fluffed the chance of an equaliser straight at the keeper. Beaumont had a great spell of possession especially down the flanks that they capitalised on, as a swinging cross was met by the head of the Beaumont player. A 2-0 lead and the deal looked sealed at Half-Time for Beaumont.

Bromley’s defence looked shaky in the first half as they frowned upon the departure of their old guard Sadik Bhai to Elite as he described the transfer to be for “Footballing Reasons”.

The 2nd half saw a resilient Bromley that kept Beaumont on the back foot and 66% of the possession (As quoted by 8 out of 10 Spectators) as they got one back when Lewis slammed one across the keeper into the net straight after Kick Off. #GameOn.

Bromley piled on the pressure as Beaumont started to look suspect at the back with their flair turning into flake and giving away a free kick that was pelted by Boateng, the finish was continental as the keeper made a howler out of it. At 2-2, Beaumont was undone by another moment of brilliance as the keeper flat handed a shot by Lee that left Oli to tap in the remarkable comeback @ 3-2. #GreatBromleyComebacks

Beaumont had parked up and were running on empty as Bromley steered another goal into the net as it skidded of their centre back Aaron from a Lee free-kick. #4-2 to Bromley.

Air Pass Specialist & Juniors Captain Mukther ”Komla” Ali Tweeted @bbbfc “ You do not witness a comeback like that in the BFA Summer League let alone the Premier Divison. I would of have thrown in the towel at half time, but the players had belief and the technical ability we showed them that and more in the 2nd half. They were lucky in the 1st and we just mullered them in the 2nd”  #TheyGotADrubbing.

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