The SOOTS Clothing Co. – The Insight:

BBBCO recently caught up with there member, Adi, a young designer from East London and creator of the ‘The SOOTS Clothing Co.’  ‘The SOOTS’ which stands for ‘The Secret Order of the Streets’ isn’t a secret society bent on creating a ‘New World Order’ but a socially conscious clothing brand championing fair trade with third world countries and enlightening council estate youths. Adi is a modest individual with a virtuous way of doing business.


Basically my brand is called THE S.O.O.T.S (pronounced ‘The Soots’) that stands for ‘The Secret Order of the Streets’, it’s disguised as a secret order, it’s themed around a secret society. I took this influence from Johnny cupcakes because he’s got this strong brand identity that’s around the whole bakery thing. It’s like all hiss designs, his shops, everything is decked out like a bakery and it’s all done top notch with really good attention to detail. So I thought to myself I need some sort of theme and I knew where I want to take my brand to. I wanted it to educate people and it’s sort of a play on the public discourses surrounding media, its distortion, politics and this and that, the so called ‘war on terror’, street life. I wanted to theme my brand like it was a sort of secret order for engaging in challenging thoughts and thinking out the box.

As you can see from the brand logo and everything, it’s a play on the research I done on the ‘New World Order’ conspiracies, freemasonry, and the knight’s templars. I done a lot of research into the background because a lot of advise I took from the ‘Johnny Cupcakes’ (another clothing brand) site and through chatting to him on Facebook, he told me to pay attention to detail. So that’s what I’m doing. A lot of my designs, t-shirt designs, my logo my web site has taken has taken a lot of influences from these secret fraternities and organizations, before being distorted to suit my brand agenda.

Products are 100% sweatshop free, 100% ethical and 10% donated to charity. Visit & Like the 

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